Purchase of equipment,
feedstock and materials
for industrial enterprises
ASKA Global Trade successfully carries out purchasing of equipment, feedstock and materials
We practice tailored approach to each customer and offer the best purchasing options and delivery routes.

A wide range of suppliers and contractors around the world enables us to offer two or more options with a mandatory description of the benefits of each one.
  • Supplier search
    The most popular destinations are Europe and Southeast Asia. Each supplier undergoes a rigorous evaluation and due diligence process.
  • Purchase and payment for goods
    to the supplier
    We work with currencies of different countries.
  • Delivery by any mode of transport
    and customs clearance
    The logistics department develops several options for delivery and customs clearance, depending on the requirements and specific conditions of each specific project. The easiest way is not always the best way.
  • Sale of the goods to the customer
    with a full set of necessary documents
    We relieve you of all the complexities of FEA, eliminating the problems with hiring specialists, finding suppliers, shipping, documents, foreign currency accounts — we do it all.
  • Extensive experience in purchasing goods
  • Exclusive terms of work with suppliers

  • Variability of deliveries

  • Own consolidation depots in Europe

    and Central Asia